About Vertex


What is "Vertex"? 

The Vertex Student Ministry is for the 6th-12th grade students and families at West Houston. Our group is pretty big so to help our students grow we sometimes divide out by Junior High (6th-8th Grades) and High School (9th-12th Grades), girls and guys, specific grades, or other ways. But together we’re all Vertex!

At West Houston, our vision is to “Make Disciples Who Make Disciples”. In Vertex Student Ministry, we’ve taken that vision and applied it to our students and families and here’s how we see it:

What We Do:

Why We Do:

How We Do:

Make Disciples


We want our students to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ and even start helping other people grow as disciples, too!



We want everything we do to have a specific reason behind it. We believe discipleship isn’t an accident - it’s an intentional process.

Equip and Empower Parents, Faith at Home, Intergenerational Church Community, Relational-discipleship

We believe these 4 things are the best goals and methods to utilize for all of our classes, events, and activities. We hope this combination will help transform students into mature disciples.

To carry this vision out successfully we need our students to be connected with adults from the rest of the church and not just us. So we’ve developed what we call the “Vertex Trifecta” for how adults can invest in our students’ discipleship journeys as members of our Base Team, Scout Teams, or as Sherpas.


How Do I Become a Sherpa?

You don’t have to be a parent of a teen to be involved in Vertex – we have young adults, parents of young children, empty nesters, and grandparents that are Sherpas! But you do have to attend a Vertex Sherpa training in order to become “Sherpa Certified” and get involved.We'll offer more Sherpa trainings so be on the lookout for those dates. 

                                                   So Why "Vertex?"

 Our name, Vertex, is a synonym for the peak or highest point of a mountain. We want our students to summit the mountain of the Lord together and to experience God and be changed in His presence. We do that through a variety of things – some are formal activities, such as classes and mission trips, while others are more spontaneous, such as conversations with students over lunch or while driving to our mission trip. Many of these things take place or start at the West Houston building and our church cares so much about its Student Ministry that we have a whole section of the building!

We call our main meeting space “The Lodge” and it’s at the back of the building. We’re right next to the Gym and the Kitchen and we have several classroom spaces in this area – each classroom has a room number but also has a mountain name (Mt. Zion, Mt. Moriah, Mt. Carmel, Mt. Sinai, Mt. Gerizim). We also have 2 other rooms we call “The Living Room” and “The Game Room” in our hallway.