Casa de la Esperanza

The Adult Spring 2019 Mission Trip to Casa de la Esperanza will be April 13-19. Contact Lyn Rudel, for more information & details. 
Our mission is to serve those unfortunate children of Mexico who are orphaned, lost, abandoned, and abused. These children, who are made in the image of God, need the embracing arms, love, and the support of the Father through His servants. We purpose to raise these children in a manner that will encourage their greatness through the knowledge of God and a solid educational program.

 Gil and Becky Sanchez served at the Southwest Church of Christ in Pueblo, CO for 30 years prior to leaving to serve as Director at Casa de la Esperanza in 1998. During their last four years at Southwest, Gil served as Deacon of Missions. Gil has extensive career experience in economic development and holds an M.A. in Social Science and a double major/double minor from USC in Psychology and Education with a specialization in Elementary Special Education. Becky had a childcare facility and holds a nursing degree. They have two lovely Christian daughters and five grandchildren. Gil and Becky are originally from Colorado and hold dual citizenship in the U.S. and Mexico. They live at Casa but also have a home in El Paso.



We usually make 2 trips to Casa de la Esperanza each year - one in April and one in July. Please plan to join us! See the Casa de la Esperanza photo album at the Missional Community booth. You will love your visit to Casa! 

Last year we had 12 journey there to work with the children’s home, deliver food to the poor and play with the kids. We will spend our time helping and playing with the kids and working as needed at Casa and Anahuac. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lyn Rudel at