Celebrate Jesus


Celebrate Jesus is a two-night event hosted on our campus. Twelve scenes provide brief, one-act presentations from different occasions in the life of Jesus. Scenes are constructed around the perimeter of our parking lot, beginning at the front entrance of our building and concluding near our playground area. West Houston participants will dress in first century attire; some playing supporting roles, others acting and speaking to narrate the events of each scene. Guests will either drive through from scene to scene or park their cars and jump on a hayride to be pulled through in small groups. Past years have seen hundreds of cars come through on a given evening, with lines waiting beyond our parking lot!


How to volunteer:

Saturday, December 1st - Join us for a build day beginning at 9:30am. Everyone is invited to join us , including men, women and children.

Volunteer at one of our stations or scenes! To volunteer in one of these areas please click here to sign up or scan the QR code below.

For more information about registration please contact Jennifer Willerton at justinandjennifer@gmail.com

Fore general information please contact Dave Blanchard at dblanchard@westhoustonchurch.org