Church Retreat

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Registration is open through Sunday, October 7, 2018. When you register you have the option to either pay the full cost now or pay half now as a deposit and the other half by October 7.

If you have registration questions email Jennifer Willerton at

Who is This For?

This year West Houston is having a Church Retreat and everyone from our church is invited to join! We are one big church family made up of lots of individual families that all look different from each other. So however you would describe yourself or your family – married, single, younger, older, house full of kids, no kids, grew up in church, new to church, etc. - we want you to be a part of our Church Retreat because you’re a part of West Houston! Our mission at West Houston is about hope, healing, and home. This Church Retreat will tap into each of those but especially home since part of its purpose is deepening connections with each other.

What Will We Do on the Church Retreat?

It will be a time to get out of our normal routine and to connect and reconnect with members of our church family. The retreat is two nights out at Trinity Pines Conference Center near Trinity, TX. We’ll meet out there Friday evening to get started and stay through Sunday morning worship together at Trinity Pines. Our group will have times together to worship, learn about each other and God, share stories of faith and life, play games, and have fun. Some activities will be for all ages together and some will be for younger kids together and everyone else together. Our theme for the weekend is Fearless Love: Reflect, Remember, Retell and the teaching and learning times will be centered around hearing each other’s stories with God and learning to share our own.


The cost includes lodging for 2 nights, all meals, and all group activities (there is an extra activity you can choose and pay for separately later). When you register you have the option to pay the full amount then or pay half as a deposit then and the other half by October 7.

One person family - $70
Two person family - $140
Three person family - $200
Four person family - $250
Five person family - $275
Six+ person family - $300

Paid the deposit and need to pay the rest? Soon, you’ll have the option to do that in Pushpay. Log in to your Pushpay account and choose “Church Retreat” as the Giving Type, put your name or your family’s name in the Event blank, and enter the amount you need to pay.

Questions About the Church Retreat? Contact one Retreat Committee members!

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Click here to register for the Church Retreat!