Growth Labs

A growth lab is an intense learning experience that gives you new tools for growing in your walk with God. This fall we are offering two five hour labs: 1) Habits of Spiritual Growth, and 2) Growing through Small Groups. Both can give you a kick-start to these vital areas of growing as a disciple of Jesus.

In Habits of Spiritual Growth you will not only learn about how to develop a robust spiritual life, but you will experience connecting with God and others in a Holy Spirit filled environment. This experience will provide you personal encouragement,  tools for spiritual growth, and a challenge to walk daily with God through the Holy Spirit. The next date for this lab is TBD at this time. 

In Growing through Small Groups you will explore the importance of connecting relationally with others and what the Bible teaches about Christian community. You will learn different ways of getting relationally connected at WHCC. You will walk with experienced members to help discover key steps you can take to make sure that you connect with others at West Houston and grow personally through the experience. The next date for this lab is TBD at this time.