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Go to http://www.westhoustonchurch.org/registration-resources-and-videos to find:

  • Teen VBS Helper sign up online
  • Camp Bandina Registration
  • Registration to ride the bus to Camp Bandina

Summer events based on grade you just completed.

May 28 - Holiday Schedule - No Bible classes or evening activities.

May 31 - The Ascent - 6-8pm in the Lodge. Eat dinner first.

June 4 - Traverse – 6-8pm in the Lodge. This is our Sunday night activities during the summer. Eat dinner first.

June 5 - 12th Grade Lunch - Meet at the building at noon, we will return around 2pm. Bring money for lunch.

June 7- The Ascent - 6-8pm in the Lodge. Eat dinner first.

June 8 - First Intern Event - More details coming soon.

July 2-8 - Camp Bandina - (6th-12th grade). Registration is now open! To register, go to the Camp Bandina website www.bandinathehill.org. Registration to ride the bus with us is open online. The cost to ride the bus is $50 per student or $75 max for families with more than one student. Each student must have a current Vertex Release form on file in the office. Additional forms can be found in the Lodge or Student Ministry Booth. 

July 16-22 - High School Mission Trip - We will be working at a church in Burns Flat, Oklahoma doing various service projects for the church and community. Registration begins May 31. Pricing windows will be: Gold (May 31-June 11) is $125. Silver (June 12-June 21) is $150, Bronze (June 22-July 2) is $175.

July 30-Aug 3 - JH Mission Trip - We will work and stay at the Impact Church of Christ here in Houston. Registration begins June 14. Pricing windows will be: Gold (June 14-June 25) is $75, Silver (June 26-July 5) is $100, Bronze (July 6-July 16) is $125.

Dave Blanchard  dblanchard@westhoustonchurch.org

Meredith Platt  mplatt@westhoustonchurch.org

Donette Simonds  dsimonds@westhoustonchurch.org