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Go to http://www.westhoustonchurch.org/registration-resources-and-videos for:

  • Impact Christmas Party – Dec 2 – sign up online by Wednesday, Nov 29

Nov 18-19Vertex Fall Retreat – On Saturday morning meet in the Lodge at 7:30am with your backpack of clothes, sleeping bag and pillow. Eat breakfast before you come. We will return Sunday afternoon the 19th between 3-4 pm You should have received an email with the packing list.

Nov 19 –There will not be any morning Vertex Bible classes (go to one of the adult classes) or evening activities.

Nov 22Thanksgiving Break – no Vertex activities.

Nov 26Holiday Worship Schedule – no Bible classes or evening activities.

Nov 29 - Gear Up – 5-6pm This is not a Vertex meal night so eat dinner before you come. There will be snacks available to purchase in the Lodge. The Ascent – 6-8pm.

Dec 2 - Impact Christmas Party - This is our chance to give Impact kids a fun Christmas memory! Meet at WH at 7am for breakfast and to prep for the party. Bring money to eat at CiCi’s on the way home and we’ll be back at the church between 2:30-3pm. Sherpas will provide transportation for students. You must sign up online by Wednesday, November 29.

Dec 3 - Expedition Teams – 6-8pm in the Lodge. Eat before you come.

Feb 23-24 - Soul Link 2018 – Is a 2 day in town event for all JH and HS students at Bammel Church of Christ. Mark your calendars, sign ups begin Jan 1!


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