Dear Church Family,

I hope and pray that you are doing well and staying well. I wanted to provide you with an important update related to how we will continue to operate in the midst of COVID-19. It’s important to remember that we all have a critical role to play in stopping the spread and transmission of this virus. Please continue to pray that God would protect our community from the dangers of this disease. Pray also for our community leaders, healthcare professionals, scientists/researchers, etc.—all of those on the front lines of fighting this virus. And, please remember to pray for our church family. These are trying times for all of us and it’s difficult to be away from each other on a week to week basis. Keep in mind that as the people of God were “scattered” throughout Judea and Samaria (Acts 8), the Word of God, and the gospel, continued to spread as well. God has always used trying and difficult times to expand his kingdom and He uses his people to accomplish his mission. Just because we aren’t currently meeting together we are still on mission together—sharing hope, healing and home with those around us.

At this point we have decided that we will have Online Worship ONLY through Sunday, April 5th. This extends our current decision to meet online only an additional two weeks. It’s likely that this approach could possibly extend beyond Sunday, April 5th based on recent recommendations from our governing officials and medical professionals. We believe that it is important for us to continue to take into account what our government leaders and healthcare professionals are recommending—as Scripture calls us to do. All of this has been changing rapidly and we are doing our best to prayerfully discern our next steps. For now, please be aware that on the following Sunday’s we will be meeting online only:

Sunday, March 22nd Online ONLY 8:30am acapella; 11:00am instrumental
Sunday, March 29th Online ONLY 8:30am acapella; 11:00am instrumental
Sunday, April 5th Online ONLY 8:30am acapella; 11:00am instrumental

Even though our campus will be closed, we strongly encourage everyone to tune-in and worship with us online. As I have said, no technology can ever take the place of us meeting together—but we will use technology during this time to help us remain connected to one another.

Additional Information:

  1. We are canceling all West Houston events and activities (both on and off our campus) through Saturday, April 11.
  2. Beginning tomorrow, we will be closing the church office during the week choosing instead to work remotely. Please remember that our entire ministry staff is available via email and we are here to serve you during this difficult time should you need anything. You can find our email addresses on our website at
  3. Our ministry team is working diligently in order to best determine how we can equip our members for ministry and discipleship growth, serve our congregation and tend to the pastoral cares/concerns of our members AND determine the best course of action for serving our local community at this time. These are our main areas of concern at this time: equip and encourage our church family, responding to the pastoral needs of our church family, and caring for our community.
Important reminders for all of us:
  1. Pray. I can’t stress enough how important it is for all of us to be in prayer during this season. Pray for a miraculous breakthrough in regard to this global pandemic. Also, remember to ask the Lord to use you in meaningful ways by saying: “Lord, how can I be a blessing to those around me? How can I extend to others your peace, love, grace and mercy? How can I serve those around me at this time?
  2. Worship Online. Please remember to make it a priority to join us each and every Sunday at either 8:30am or 11:00am. These are “live” worship times and are not pre-recorded—including live worship (singing/music), preaching and teaching, prayers, communion, etc. Again, these online worship times are meant to keep us together in Spirit and Truth as we are unable to assemble together at this time. In times like these, we need regular rhythms of worship, prayer and teaching from God’s Word.
  3. Facebook. Be sure and follow our West Houston Facebook page. Beginning this coming Monday, we will begin using social media as an important platform for keeping our church family together over the next several weeks with regular content.
  4. West Houston App. If you haven’t already done so, be sure and download the West Houston church app. Simply go to the app store on your mobile device and type in West Houston Church. 
  5. Give. Please remember to give faithfully, regularly, and generously as you have been doing. Your tithes and offerings (contributions) are critical to the ongoing success of our ministry efforts both locally and globally. You can give online through the West Houston church app, through our church website at by clicking HERE, or simply mail a check to the church if you prefer.

Our staff is available to help answer any questions that you might have. Please let us know if you need anything or if we can serve your family during this time. We are praying for you! Blessings, Brian

Brian K. Offutt
Senior Minister
West Houston Church of Christ
17100 West Road
Houston, TX 77095
“Helping people find Hope, Healing and Home.”