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Children's home

preaching school


We have a children's home that takes care of children who have been taken away from their parents or left their parents because their parents are without means to care for them. Children are sponsored by Christians around the world for $60/month for their expenses.
Is a preacher training school that takes men through a 2 year curriculum. They meet monthly for a 5 day (Monday through Friday) intensive class. Currently there are 25 first year students and 24 second year students. This is a government accredited program. 
We partner with the West Houston of Christ who sponsors this growing and dynamic work.They are seeking help in finishing a large building project that will serve the Ongole Church of Christ, the W.I.N.G.S. Bible School and provide for the widows ministry. 


WINGS supports to preachers in 48 congregations, 3 Bible Schools, supports widows, children & individuals with curable disease in south east India. 


Assistance is available for a large group of lepers and also widows who are in desperate need there in the Ongole area.

To sponsor a child at w.i.n.g.s. is only $60 per month which covers all expenses and changes their life forever! 

W.i.n.g.s. contact:

Kurt Picker