Follow: Every Person a Disciple

 Discipleship – The commitment to be an authentic follower of Jesus Christ. (Luke 9:23ff)


1. Commit

  • Faith – I choose to place my trust in God, in His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.  
  • Baptism – I will dedicate my life to Jesus Christ by outwardly confessing my trust in him as the savior of the world and by being buried and raised with him through the waters of baptism.

2. Engage

  • In Personal Practices – I will engage in spiritual practices and develop habits to nurture my love for God and for others.
    • Private Prayer and Private Integrity
    • Love and Concern for Neighbor
    • Forgiveness and Tenderness of Heart
  • In Worship – I will regularly engage in private and communal worship with other believers as I seek to love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  • In Community – I will regularly engage with the body of Christ, in learning, in fellowship, and in sharing life together. I will seek out meaningful community in a group devoted to mutual encouragement, support, service, and discipleship.
  • In Service – I will regularly engage my gifts to serve others in my neighborhood, school, work, church, and home. I will use my spiritual gifts to bring others closer to Jesus Christ. (I Pet. 4:10)
  • In Stewardship – I will give generously and sacrificially as a way of honoring God with my finances.

3. Embrace

  • The way of Jesus – to mature in faith is to align my will with God’s will. By embracing the way of Jesus, I learn how to see the world and my place in it as His disciple. (Gal. 4)
  • Christ-centered choices – in my personal life, my family life, and in my occupation, I will make decisions consistent with a posture that is obedient to God, sacrificial, and others-centered.


Adult Education 

• Teach Bible classes
• Support special events

Contacts: Brian Offutt or Craig Parker

Boys and Girls Country

• Support cottage events (3-4 times/year)
• Mentoring and tutoring for girls

Card Ministry - Encouragers for Christ

• Create cards to encourage others. Meets on Thursdays, twice per month

Fellowship Ministry

• Sunday coffee service
• Support occasional fellowship gatherings

Contacts: John Tompkins and Nina Iscandri

Greeters Ministry

• First Service Greeters
• Second Service Greeters
• Special Events Greeters
For more information contact Andy Spell, Larry Allen, or Allen and Lyn Rudel

Impact Ministry

• Sunday Meals (3 times/year)
• Garage Sale (annually)
• Independence Hall (help serve an annual meal)
Contact: Andy Spell

Men's Ministry

• Support Men's Ministry events and activities

Missions Ministry

• Join a mission trip (Missions generally takes one trip/year)
• Pray for Missions Ministry efforts
• Provide items needed to support mission points

New Members Ministry

• Support quarterly luncheon for new members

Safety Response Team

• Serve on the Safety Response Team (Sundays at 1st or 2nd assembly)
• Serve on Medical Response Team
Contact: Will Morris

Staging Team (Worship Ministry)

• Setup Team - Setup props and decorations
• Vision - Ideation and curation of decor themes and relevant deployment of props
• Tear Down Teams - Manage the organization and storage of the props used in physical spaces

Tech Team (Worship Ministry)

• Sound board operations and support
• Slide operations during rehearsals and both services
• Camera and YouTube Broadcast operator
Contact: Nic Dunbar

Treasured Seniors Ministry

• Support ministry fellowship and activity events
• Lead a Seniors Visitation Group
• Lead a Games Group at the building

Wedding/Baby Showers Ministry

• Hostess - serve as part of a team for a shower
• Provide a Host Home - provide a host location for a shower

West Houston Children's Ministry

• Preschool Praise Leader
• Bible Class Teacher
• Bible Class Helpler
• Nursery (during worship)
• Camp Counselor
• Special Events
Important Steps to ensure the safety of our children are required prior to serving. Contact Melissa Tompkins for details.

West Houston Student Ministry

• Host
• Games Leader
• Snack Bar
• Sunday Morning Teachers
• Small Group Leader
• Worship
• Camp/Retreat Counselor
• Special Events
Important Steps to ensure the safety of our students are required prior to serving. Contact Ross Saffell for details.

Women's Ministry

• Planner
• Decorator
• Set-up Team
• Clean-up Team
• Speaker/Presenter
• Cooking Instructor
• Craft Teacher
• Tech Team
• Facilitate/Teach Ladies' Bible Class
• Help recruit teachers for Ladies' Bible Class
• Photography
• Design flyers for events
• Advertise on Social Media
• Greeters for Women's events

Worship Ministry (Praise Team and praise band)

• VOCALIST I (1) - Participate with the A Cappella Worship Team cadence of Mid-Week Rehearsal and Sunday Service (1st Service)
• VOCALIST II (2) - Participate with the Instrumental Worship Team cadence of Mid-Week Rehearsal and Sunday Service (2nd Service)
• INSTRUMENTALIST - Participate with the Instrumental Worship Team cadence of Mid-Week Rehearsal and Sunday Service (2nd Service)
Contact: Nic Dunbar